Rearrange chapters?

I hope I’m not already getting on your nerves :grin: - but I do have a few more ideas I believe to be helpful for more complex slideshow creation. (I’m thinking evening long HDAV travel-slidehows with lots of content and images).

One suggestion would be to have the ability to rearrange (and maybe even export) individual chapters on the timeline. Often in the creation process the content blocks have to be switched in order to better fit together or keep the audience captivated. Again, it might be me, but currently I see no way to rearrange chapters.

Another option would be to build each segment in a separate fms-file and then import as chapters in to the timeline for storytelling purposes.

I do want to pick up on that feature request once more since I believe it to be a game changer in the way we could create slideshows…

If there was an easy and secure way to rearrange the chapters it would be possible to change the narration or storyline of the slideshow at any given point (which sometimes is required, having to adapt to different audiences or different presentation times).

I find that the select and drag functionality does not really work that well and can potentially mess up your whole slideshow.

For now you select all slides (including audio tracks) of a chapter and drag them to the new location. Optionally you can use “Cut” and “Paste” to move the content to a new location…