Re-mentioning some feature requests!

I’m not one to beat a dead horse, but it’s been quite some time since any NEW feature request has been posted – in fact, the last time anything was posted here was back in February of 2014.

There were a lot of good ideas mentioned (some of them mine, by the way – ahem, blush, blush), but I have seen barely any of them, by anyone, if any at all, implemented.

My wife and I just got back from a trip to Africa and we’ve got over 7,000 photos that we need to sift through; and are planning on making one of our usual slideshows for presentation. I have a number of ideas how I want to present multiple images on a single slide for this show, and I know at least ONE way to do it. But there are easier ways, if only the software allowed for it.

There were a number of suggestions regarding the snapping of photos to each other, not just bottom to bottom, or right side to right side, but ANY side to ANY side, and any TOP or BOTTOM to another TOP or BOTTOM. Masks don’t currently snap to anything. There is no “scale” along the top or side of the workspace to create “snap” points – or for instance to drag a grid line – or TWO!! – into the workspace from an edge scale and then be able to snap to those grids.

There has been mention of drop shadows on photos, of adding a background color to a text block, and so on, and so on.

I love FM, don’t get me wrong, but there are a lot of features I would love to see implemented as well. Most of those mentioned in the Features Request section seem to have been glossed over, or not even addressed over the last year.

I may be asking too much, but could the guys at Boinx RETURN to this area sometime, reread some of the suggestions people made BEFORE February 2014, and see what might be done to get some of them integrated into this great app?

Thanks, guys…

Hi Stan,

we read each and every entry in the Feature requests area and transfer them to our Bugtracker as feature requests. Currently there are 278 feature requests for FotoMagico 4. Of which we implemented 127 so far. 151 are still open. Just to give you an idea of the volume of requests. Some suggestions are easy to implement. Others, like the snapping feature, are more complicated and also require data-model changes. Something like this needs more planning in advance so introducing them is more likely in a Major update where we need to alter the data model anyway. Sorry I have no better news for now. For your reference, your feature request ticket ID is #1841.

Thanks, Bastian –

I figured that they didn’t fall into a black hole, and I understand that implementing some features requires a different approach than simply adding some needed code.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile: