Rattlesnake Error

While preparing to go live to Facebook error messages popped up. One I seemed to have fixed by logging in and again to Facebook. But this “Rattlesnake” error has popped up again just 20 minutes before I do my show. WTH? I’ve tried searing here in the forum but no mention of a rattlesnake error message has been mentioned. What the hell is it and how do I ensure it doesn’t return! Thanks

@AtotheF Sorry about the error message. The “Rattlesnake” Error message is related to mimoCall. Are you using a mimoCall source in your document? Can you please send me a screen shot of the error message popping up?

I received a rattlesnake error followed by a crash yesterday. I did have mimoCall as a source, but it was not connected to a call at the time of the crash. I will note the error message if I see it again and report back.

Received a couple of rattlesnake errors recently. This was the message: “The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.boinx.rattlesnake error 0.)”
The first error, received yesterday, did not result in a crash, as had been my prior experience. I dismissed the error alert and continued with production. I had mimoCall as a source in the document but it was not in use.
The 2nd error, received today, also did not result in a crash. I was connected on two mimoCalls when it occurred. One via a chrome browser and the other via the iPhone app. The call froze, but resumed as soon as I dismissed the error.

Continuing to test mimoCall and am very impressed! Thank you, Boinx team!