Random layout for FM 6?

I am making a slideshow with 700 images. I would like some to be two at a time, maybe a some four at a time. Is there a way to let FM create a random or even guided layout that I can then start fine tuning rather than start from scratch? (not talk abut transitions, but the layout for each pane.)


You can’t force FM to create a “random” layout for each slide, but you can drag in Boinx’s pre-designed Snippets that allow 2-up vertical, 2-up horizontal, 4-up layouts, and other options. If you don’t have them already, go to the Main menu and choose Connect > Download Snippets…, then scroll through the different selections to find “Splitscreen Pack 1” and download it. You should then find them in the Options panel when you click on the Snippets button.