I absolutely love Mouseposé and have been using it for years.
Unfortunately, I can’t justify renting it to my BO. Do you have a purchase option?

@“Charles J McDonald” Thank you for your kind words about Mouseposé. I’m glad you like it.

Please consider that it is only a $10 charge for a whole year.

I bought Mousepose (for sometihng like $20-$30) and it worked fine before upgrading to Mojave (Mac). Do I now have to buy it again or don’t I get automatically upgraded to the version that actually works? Pretty confused. Thanks!

Hi Oliver

I used the app before upgrading to Catalina. As far as I remember I got no watermarks.
Do I have to purchase it again after upgrade ?

The watermark is only there if you don’t have a valid license. You can check in the menu under “Licenses…”