Purchase Experience with Mouseposé

Hi all,

Just bought the new version 4 of Mouseposé - a fantastic utility that I have found indispensable in the past.

I wanted to give some feedback on the purchase experience:

  • In the ‘purchase’ tab, I hit the ‘purchase’ button.

  • That took me to the ‘mimoLive’ purchase page for some reason: https://boinx.com/mimolive/buy/

  • I navigated to the Mouseposé page (was really disheartened to see that it is subscription now :frowning:

  • [Subscription overload - could you make it a Mac App Store app again and set up subscriptions like the Overcast Podcast client does? I’d much prefer to have software that works perpetually that I regularly contribute to for updates.]

  • I entered my details, bought the license and was taken to a page with the license.

  • I clicked on the link to activate the license, hit ‘allow’ and Moseposé was made the focus window - but nothing happened, the app wasn’t licensed.

  • I selected and copied the license - it didn’t work and gave me an error message. What I didn’t realise at first was…

  • Where the license was displayed, the text ran out of the container and was partially obscured behind another DOM element. I had to highlight down to the next line to capture the text that I couldn’t see, then copying and pasting the license worked. (using Safari 13.1)

  • I then went to give feedback - the only way seemed to be by creating an account.

  • I entered my details, hit sign up and it returned me to the same sign up page with the fields blanked.

  • I entered my details again (at this point I assumed that the safari strong password suggestion was the problem, but there was no error message) and chose a different password, and…

  • I got an error 403 - with no description of what that was. How do I fix that. At that point I kinda gave up, navigated to the forum home page again and lo and behold, I was logged in!

  • As I type, I realise that even though my purchase succeeded, I still have a copy of Mouseposé in my cart.

I have no idea if this was an issue isolated to me, or a deeper problem with the site / app, but the quality of that interaction was low and it left me with a negative impression.

I hope the feedback was useful to improve the overall experience.


If it helps I’ve a screenshot of the license key I tried to copy as well as webarchives of the pages I’ve got in the hope you can re-create the issues.

If you’d like me to send them through, let me know where to send them - I’d be happy to.

Hi @Alex_L .

Thank you for using Mousepose and for your detailed and valuable feedback.

We are sorry to hear you had such a negative purchase experience.

We didn’t receive feedback that there were issues with the purchase experience. Reading your post I can clearly see that there are many issues in the purchase flow. Thats why your feedback is definitely useful and welcome.

I will report it to engineering.