PTZ control question - UVA protocol

I am looking into purchasing one of the lower-cost PTZ camera options available by Obsbot for use with mimoLive.

I wrote to the Obsbot support team to find out if their cameras can be controlled by 3rd-party software, such as mimoLive. Their response was:

Our users generally use OBSBOT webcam software to control the PTZ function of the camera. If the PTZ function in the mimoLive software is based on the UVC protocol, you can control the OBSBOT camera.

I couldn’t find anything in the mimoLive documentation that mentioned this protocol, and the only thing I could find on the forum about PTZ protocols used is a thread from 2018.

Does mimoLive use UVC protocol for PTZ cameras?


Hi @undercrank I’ll take this as a feature request. I wasn’t aware that there is a common standard for PTZ control for USB cameras. This is interesting.

It’s worth noting that OBSBOT is working on the Tail Air, a camera that has NDI support. Machen Sie sich bereit für die OBSBOT Tail Air Crowdfunding-Kampagne!

I’m hoping to get one as soon as it’s available to test for NDI compatibility.

Thanks for looking into this. If you or anyone on the forum knows of or can recommend a lower-cost PTZ camera/gimbal option like the Obsbot, please post the name/link in the thread.