Program crashing during mimoCall

I am separating this out from an earlier post.

I have had problems during my last 2 live streams. On Wed, May 6th between 10 am and 12 pm Pacific Standard time. I was doing a live stream using 3 mimoCall participants and twice the stream failed. I had assumed local internet failure until I read your notice about problems with the mimoCall service.

I attempted to do the show again on Wed, May 13th at 10 am PST. I had the exact same problem. First I would get a stream problem warning, Then the mimoCalls would fail. I could not recover without rebooting the MacBook Pro. This happened 3 times during the show.

I have sent the specs for the MacBook Pro and my internet speeds, I usually have a faster upload speed more like 20 Mbps.

I am a little at a loss on how to proceed. I have been running MimoLive successfully with an older 2013 iMac running Mohave, I switched to the newer MacBook Pro because the iMac was using %75 CPU.

This type of failure has only happened with the newer Mac running Catalina.

Let me know if you have any ideas. There are so many possible points of failure, it’s hard to troubleshoot.


Benajah Cobb

Technical Coordinator, Community Productions

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Ben, I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. The mimoCall service has been completely restored, the outage was temporary. Can you please be more specific about how the mimoCalls failed? Where did you get the stream problem warning?

Could you send me the document that you were using?

Also, please send me the System Profile of the MacBook Pro.

Here is a link to the files.

The show was about 14 minutes in. The first indication was a stream warning. A few seconds later I lost the mimoCalls. I tried to close and open the show file, then restart mimoLive, I only saw connecting to Boinx on the mimoCall source screens. I then rebooted the computer and restarted the show file. Then I restarted the stream. We went for another 10 minutes or so and then the same thing happened again. At that point we abandoned the stream.

My first thought was local internet failure. Not sure though. Another person in the room still had internet access. It was all pretty hectic so I don’t know for sure.


I also created a system report of my older iMac that has been doing pretty well with streaming.


Hi @Ben1. Thank you for the additional feedback.

There is a new beta version of mimoLive which addresses some of the connection issues:

Can you please download and try if the issue is resolved for you?