Problems with streaming and voice

Hey, i Purchased MimoLive license in December and it still doesnt’t quite work the way i hoped. Biggest problem at the moment is that the Streaming doesn’t work with Akamai servers and this is a big problem since we use dacast and they should go together as Boinx did. Also we found out yesterday that the voice doesn’t transmit via Black magic box from camera to the computer. Is there any way to find out how long these fixes will take, since if it’s a long-term fix i think we need to move back to boinx. Just feels unnecessary to pay license from something that doesn’t work.

Hi Teako,

we currently work on Akamai streaming and have made great advancements in the last week. Their RTMP servers behave differently than wowza or nginx and it is extremely difficult to debug this without being able to see what happens on both ends.

Audio does transmit over BMD inputs. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the BlackMagic Desktop video drivers.

I recorded a short video showing my setup.
Please let me know if your config differs and if it still doesnt work with the latest drivers.


Do you have any idea how long it will take until it works with Akamai? Since if it’s a long process i think we need to shift back to Boinx.

About the voice, we have the latest drivers and the sound worked just fine with Boinx but for some reason doesn’t work with Mimo.

Which OS do you have?
I read in BMD forums that is there some audio issues with El Capitan

My 2 cents, remember this is still beta. The license we are paying is an early bird price which won’t be available when the final version is out. It does not mean that it is good to go for production.
I would beta test mimoLive but still use BoinxTV for production work.
This is why we get 6 months extra after the final version… because the final version might not be ready for another 5-6 months.

@Teako: We wanted to fix the Akamai issue with the beta we shipped today. We are still waiting for reply from Akamai to better understand this.
We also added some audio improvements and BlackMagic Design fixes for the version that cam out yesterday, please take a look.

@macmaxpr: The 6 months you get extra has nothing to do with that. Your purchased license duration is not going to start until we ship the final version of mimoLive. So you get the time until we ship the GM + the time you paid for + 6 months extra.

Hi, It seems there is a program bug when it comes to the voice, since i managed to get it going when i just touched the GAIN and moved it around a bit. Now it works. Hopefully the akamai starts to work soon.

Hi @Bastian there also seems to be problem with one of the layers, since if you add lower ingress to broadcast, it somehow adds to the end picture of tabulator or mirrors the last letter. Specially if the name or brand ends with letter “M”.

@Teako Can you please share a screenshot so I can better understand what you mean?

@Bastian i don’t have hyperlink to the picture. I can’t add screencap to this box without a link.

It seems Mimo had a new version. Now that i tried streaming the program crashed. Was this the upgrade with akamai or what’s the situation with that?