Problems with audio synch

I am having some issues with audio drifting in and out of synch. The set up is as follows:

  • output starts with graphics filling screen with a music track that fades out to the camera feed and the mic audio. The microphone starts off out of synch but seems to catch up with itself after maybe 5 to 10 seconds. It stays in synch until I go to a PIP when the audio drops out of synch again.
  • camera feed is from the webcam output of an ATEM mini (through USB)
  • audio feed is a RODE wireless Go microphone attached to the audio jack of the laptop.
  • the computer is a 2019 MacBook Pro (Intel Core i5) running Big Sur (11.2.2).

Is this just that my laptop is not powerful enough? It does run hot and the fan is almost always on when running mimoLive


Hi Marty, why you don’t route your audio via atem too? It makes synchronisation much easier if Video and Audio is bound together.

I tried that and it made it worse!

I see a lot of people who have issues with the ATEM USB C webcam mode.

First, you can switch the Blackmagic to only send 30fps:

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 17.48.52

Then, check the “Source Performance Monitor” (in the Window menu) to see if the Blackmagic is dropping frames.

The audio should be ok coming in through the built-in microphone jack.

OK - that may have been the issue. I had my ATEM sending out 60fps for some reason and mimoLive was expecting 30. Have also edited all my graphics and images so they are the correct size and mimoLive does not need to do any resizing on the fly. All coming through in synch now - well it is about 3 frames out but I added a delay in the ATEM mini to cure that.

Thanks for the help as always