Problems of FotoMagico with El Capitan, FM unusable?

I made a really bad experience in a public presentation of a FM-Show containing some videos, actually the worst experience possible. I had transformed the presentation as a standalone player and showed it on El Capitan, and it suddenly stopped. The Error reoccurs but in another position of the show. In Yosemite the error was not there.
As far as I can imagine, this must be a programming error. In a closer look the behavior is as follows: Some event must be fired by the OS, in the meantime the correct time to fire the action associated with a certain timemark passes by and then the time to execute the action will never come again. It seems that a test checks if actualTime == actionTime where the test actualTime >= actionTime should be appropriate.
Now I consider to give up the use of FM, because it is UNUSABLE.

I just performed another test that shows, that the reported error also occurs in presentation from the timeline with cmd+P. I would appreciate very much an official response saying if the error is known and when it will be corrected.

Hi JR,

thanks for your posts. We have received many bug reports, showing the problem you have mentioned. The issue is caused by El Capitan, to be more specific by the way El Capitan handles audio files. Is appears in slideshows that use .mp3 or .m4a audio files together with images.

This issue affects FotoMagico 4.6.x as well as FotoMagico 5 beta users, so that we are working on a fix right now. We hope find the problem very soon, an update should be available by end of this week.

Hi Tino,

thank you for very prompt reaction! I look forward to the bug-fix.