Probleme in der neuen Version 6.1.5

I just installed version FM 6.1.5 and still have the problem that songs from the Music app can neither be played in the media browser nor copied to the timeline.
The directory songs and artists are displayed correctly but are neither playable nor usable. Music that I have in a folder on the hard drive can be used without any problems. Why is it?
Is it a bug in FM or is there some other problem.
I’ve had this problem for a long time. In FM 5, everything works without problems. Do you also have this problem or can someone help?
I have to say that the music media folder of my Music app is on an external SSD.
Does FM 6 not know where the music data is? In the Music app on Mac, I can play all songs normally.

solved the problem
I added the music media folder external folder in the media browser under Libraries/Folders.
Now the Music app can access the songs.

Hi @kubalibre Thanks for letting us know the workaround. This sounds like there might be a problem with access rights that prevents FotoMagico from playing the files. We’ll investigate.

Hi @kubalibre,

I reproduced this behaviour with an external drive and will fix this in an upcoming release, so that the workaround you discovered is no longer necessary.