Problem with Blackmagic Output Destination

I have an urgent issue that I can’t solve.
I have an ongoing project that I’m working on in mimo.
the Blackmagic Output is correctly set, but I have no output from it, and on the external monitor I see “No signal input”.

the same Blackmagic Output on a fresh new project is working perfectly, with the same device, same cables, same settings.

so what would be any difference in my already prepared working project?
I tried to cancel the output destination and re-add it from scratch, but nothing.
it goes without saying that I need to continue to work on this project and I cannot start another one from scratch. but I need also the BM Output to work.

any ideas?

Check your inputs. Maybe the output is somehow already in use by an input.

thanks JoPhi, the inputs were already erased and clear.
I spent all morning trying everything.
now I restarted the system once again, and it works.
I really hope it was just a temporary problem

Maybe you had 2 mimolive documents at the same time open.

Sounds as described. mimoLive picks any Input (by chance), so sometimes it can cause a conflict with already selected output destinations.

@JoeS , yes. Thanks for the additional notice. Indeed it can cause the same issue. mimoLive handles inputs “global” for all tabs.

had similar problem. Seems related to the order that computer and power and mimo are connected. Solved by pulling power from BMD and then reconnecting.