Problem with Automation

Just finished a two week event where I use automation to cycle through time zones for an on-screen graphical element. This script has always worked flawlessly for me. However, on this job when the script is running 5 hours+, it seems to skip a layer(ON) command, sits there for the programmed 5 second pause and then continues on as though nothing has happened. Could the external internet have caused this anomaly or would it be internal to MIMOLIVE? Not a huge problem, but certainly an annoyance.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


Hi @lorcott I’m sorry to hear about the troubles.

Since the automation goes through the networking interface, in theory, if the networking interface is overloaded, this might lead to requests being delayed.

If this is reproducible, let me know how I could try to reproduce it.

My experience about this phenomenon:
Everything that is visible inside of mimoLive and outside of mimoLive directly influences the total performance. (for e.g. by Syphon, NDI, an enormous WebControlSurfaces, mimoCalls and more) Yes, I also explored the influence on localhost as invisible factor also.

On none-time-accurate events, I cover some delays by the use of ifLayerIsOff() - to try it several times.

For me It works like this:

First Step:
if off, turn it on and sleep for a bit, else do nothing.

Second Step:
If on, do nothing, else turn it on and sleep for a bit.

What is the advantage?
An ifLayerOn() or ifLayerIsOff() statement is waiting for a reply by the API. Afterwards the rest of the script is being done. And with an infinite loop you can break out, whenever it was successful to continue with other steps.

pseudo code:



Execution time is hard to predict, so it’s nothing for on point switching.