Problem with Audio marker on all slideshow

Recently while working on a slideshow project while saving my work the program hangs and I need to force the exit. After that I was no longer able to work with audio marker. Audio marker appear to be skipped or transitions between slides start before the marker is reached. This behavior affects all slideshow project even if I start with a new one from scratch and I choose different audio tracks. No matter I uninstall the program and remove all cached data. I’m stuck and frustrated about this kind of bug. Anyone have experienced such problem and can help me?

Hi, arocchietti – don’t know if this will solve your problem, but you might want to try AppCleaner ( It should delete the app AND all associated files, including the prefs files (which are probably the cause of your problem). Run that first, then do a re-install of FM and see if that can get you up and running again. Hopefully the project you were working on when the program hung is recoverable. As to WHY you had the problem in the first place, I can’t answer that…

Hi, unfortunately the uninstall with AppCleaner didn’t solve the problem. I still have this issuer on all slideshow project even on the old ones. The problem occurs only when I play the slideshow in preview mode. Disappear when I play it on full screen mode.