Problem source usb connection on MacBookPro

With a new MacBookPro Mojave 10.14.1, I connect an audio source usb from mixing console Yamaha MG12XU usb .
The software Mimo 5.0 see the source but there is no signal.

An other software (Audacity) see the source and record audio files.

I change the cable usb B to usb 3 without résolution.
It works with a MacBookPro 2012

Thanks for all

Have you tried the latest macos updates? They’re up to 10.14.5.

Hi I have the same problem now that my mac is updated to mojave 10.14.6
Did you guys find the solution?

Help, my (big) problem is not resolved.

I buy this new MacBookPro for live video production studio with Mimolive
I use boinx/Mimolive for more than 10 years

  1. macbookpro is updated Mojave 10.14.6
  2. recognized source from console mixing yamaha MG12XU usb (see screenshot)
  3. NO AUDIO with MIMOLIVE (updated)
  4. But AUDIO ok with AUDACITY ((see screenshot))

Thanks for your help

Hi. I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. Looking at the screenshots, can you take a screenshot of what is shown in the “Left” and “Right” popup menus? My guess would be that you need to select different channel. Also, there should be something in the Input Source popup.

Thank you for your reply.

Here is the required information :

  1. Two screenshots from popup menus right and left (only Ch.1 and Ch.2)

14 31

  1. Two screenshots from popup menus Source audio (no choice in “Input Source”)


I test also another mixing console usb alesis multimix 8 with the same problem.



It is hard to figure this out because we do not have a device that displays this behaviour. I’ve ordered an Alessis Multimix 8 so we can replicate the issue. Meanwhile, can you please clarify two questions for me:

  1. The old 2012 MacBook Pro also uses 10.14.6?
  2. Is the device plugged directly into the Mac or is there a dock or hub attached before it?

1.The old 2012 MacBook Pro uses high sierra 10.13.6 (17G6030)
2. I test with a dock usb and also directly with a cable usb b (Console) usb c (macBookPro) link

My console is a Yamaha MG12XU usb (in my first message) but I make the same test with alesis multimix 8 usb.


Denis, we got the Alesis Multimix 8 and it does what it’s supposed to do on our machine, in the default configuration.

Have you switched the mixer into a special mode?

In mimoLive in the help menu there is an entry called “Reset mimoLive…”

This will also reset any device specific settings. Can you try that, please?

I make a new test with alesis multimix 8 with the same trouble.

  1. There is no special mode with the mixer
  2. I reset Mimolive
  3. the source audio “USB audio codec” is recognized
  4. there is no “input source” in the menu

I record audio correctly with Audacity and Garage Band.



Thanks for your help.

Can you please let me know how and to what input you connected the audio source?

Have you tried mimoLive 5.3b4?

Is Audacity or Garageband running at the same time as mimoLive?

Until now, I had focused only on the problem of usb audio that was not released in Mimo.
I have just today made a real test with all sources and the problem is in fact the same for all sources:

  • Built-in Micro
  • Face time HD camera
  • Ultra Studio Mini Recorder

Each source is well seen by mimo but neither audio nor video comes out in the Output program.

I deleted the entire application and downloaded the entire software again.

All is ok with my old MBPro
I would have liked to explain this earlier. I’m sure it worked well in my first test.

I am very bored because I love working with your software. We invested in 2 cameras and a MBpro.
Our 3 years license ends in a few days …

Thank you for your help

Please choose “Reset mimoLive…” from the Help menu and let me know if that changes anything?

For people finding this thread in the future: Please make sure you allow mimoLive to access video and audio in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Camera and Microphone.

It also helps to allow “Screen Recording” and “Automation”.

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