Problem establishing YouTube account in mimoLive

I’m having trouble adding a YouTube account into mimoLive. I am prompted to enter email, password, and select the appropriate account, but once I click to allow mimoLive to manage my YouTube account, I get this message:

There has been an unknown accounts internal error. If the problem persists, please contact Boinx Software Support.

So here I am, contacting Boinx support. I have a school event tomorrow night. Do you have any ideas how I can get passed this error?

Thank you.

Further update. I downgraded to mimoLive 5.3 and 5.3 and was met with the same error message. I moved to another computer and was met with the same message. I also tried a different YouTube account under a different gmail user, but received the same message. Anything else I should try?

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Sorry about the troubles. It may be an issue with the Google API running into a request limit. This usually clears up the next day and we’re working on fixing this issue but need Google’s cooperation on that which is not easy to get.

You can work around this by using RTMP instead of the API:

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Same problem. Super weird, but I left the account off all night, came back the next day and readded and it worked. Then quit the application and started it back up to find it not working. We really need it for the comments on our live stream. So hopefully between now and show time it comes back.

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I’ve given up on the API connection and just use the manual SMTP setup now

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When you think this has a solution, Stream YouTube (None) I can not comment because using RTMP, I do not get. Download beta 5.4 which says fix it but stay the same.

I’m sorry about the troubles. YouTube has reduced the daily allowance for apps to access the API. We’re working on resolving the situation.

A big hug: Do you know when we can have stable YouTube, in a TV show we did last night the comments appeared for 10 minutes, then disappeared, have they given them any possible solution?

We’re sorry for the troubles. The issue is that YouTube is throttling API requests after a while. We’re working on a solution, but I can’t give you a definite date for the release.

A message will pop up if YouTube quota has exceeded for the rest of the day.

The message tells me that I can fix that from a link that directs youtube, when the quota is exceeded. I don’t understand why if we have permanent access, it only happens with mimolive. We are still waiting or we have to find the solution from us. Regards.

This is because the quota is not per user but per app. So other mimoLive users using the API are impacting your use of the API. We’re in the process of getting higher quotas approved, but YouTube works as fast as they please.

well thank you very much for your prompt response. We hope to have that desired quota soon. They let me work last night. They cut me today. greetings and a big hug

Regards Oliver:
We do not overcome the problem even with YouTube, it remains the same despite having the update. They keep working on that, it cuts me and we need to post the comments.
There have also been problems with the audio, it is heard as distorted when I send NDI

I’m STILL having problems with connecting to youtube with the latest version 5.4.1, it gives me a 403 error when trying to add the account, states something about exceeding YT quota (Not sure what that’s about, I only stream like once a month on the account), or it doesn’t add the account.

this is what I keep getting and I don’t know why

i have a work around for displaying comments…
3 ways:

  1. If you have a seperate display, or room on your current display, do a screen capture but custom size and pop out the youtube chat and put it where you want.
  2. You can use you ios device and have your comments on your live stream and have it displayed in a PIPwindow
    3)Streamlabs and log in and then use a browser capture to put in the link

Very well with the beta Version 5.6b2, Apr 26th 2020 everything changed, it is perfect, I think they should launch it correcting the NDI, since any NDI receiver stays, the audio is delayed. In such a way that URGENT should look at that problem “Delayed audios with NDI” and then everything is fine. I wait for answers.

Hi @HechosEcuador. Thank you for the feedback on the repairs with the Youtube quota issue.

We are currently looking into the NDI issues: connection crash & audio delay.

I will keep the following threads updated:

Best Regards, Mladen

Oliver, greetings, the theme of YoUTube is perfect, now if the comments are permanently on this platform. Greetings | Congratulations good job