Pro Version 5.0b37

Hi, just noticed that there is this new beta version, sadly the window showing what has been changed or fixex did not open, and kept " turning" I was able to download and install the newest version. Question can somebody inform me what was changed, so that I can test further…

The update window shows for me. Here’s what’s listed:

Version 5.0b37 - November, 2015

• When previewing slideshows, the status overlay is now a bit larger.

• Fixed transparency look of New panel on El Capitan.

• Saving and loading slideshows with audio volume envelopes is now more robust.

• Made audio waveform loading in Timeline more robust.

• Fixed a crash when entering license key.

• Fixed various random crashes.

• Fixed various memory leaks.

• Various small fixes.

Stantastic, thank you Now I can test and see if I notice any of these things still happening. My testing today did not ended in a crash. But still on Yosemite. Fear there are still some bugs in other apps…

Having lost the previous version ( due to some computer problems )I was able to download this new version 5.0b37. downloading and installation went fine.In first instances I had some crashes when trying to use the random functionality for the transition tool. This issue disappeared later on. As of yesterday I’m no longer able to install some audio file. At each attempt, nothing happens, when I retry, I create a hang problem whereby I’m forced to quit the application. Finally as a result, of forcing to quit, when relaunching the application, the application ask if I want to use the recovered file in order not to lose what was eventually not saved. When going that root ( i.e. the recovered file ), the application creates a main fms file but also some sub-fms files containing parts of the snippets used, which I feel strange.