Privacy Laws Question

Hello all.

I’ve been asked by my HOA to take vids and photos of our summer activities at the clubhouse and swimming pool this summer, and then create a FotoMagico movie. The end result would be shared on the HOA’s website.

My question is this. Since the areas where I’ll be shooting are public space for residence only, would we have to get written approval from everyone captured on the video to show their image? The images would be of adults and children.


I’m sure the law varies by country and you haven’t said which country you are in. I just think the obvious thing would be to ask the management of the clubhouse what their position on this is.

I’m in the U.S., Colorado. While it may be obvious that the people I’m doing this for has a position, they do not. They would have to get with their lawyers and that’s an expense they’d rather not incur. I was hoping others in this forum had experienced this situation, but I guess not. Thank you.

This might sound like a pain in the ass, but you might consider having people enter through one door of the clubhouse (don’t know if that’s possible) and have a type of “release form” that they could read and sign, specifying that video and photos will be taken of the activities and that they are both aware of that fact and that their faces and activities might possibly be posted on the HOA’s website. If they refuse to sign, well, I’m not going to play police – if you know who they are, you could consider bluring their faces on images (doing it on videos is another matter). I dunno – just thinking off the top of my head…

Thank you stantastic. With all the COVID restrictions I doubt the Board would want to add to their paperwork. I’m thinking they’re going to have to forget the idea. Thanks again for your thoughts.