Price increases on Apple App Store

Hi there

I have version 2 (pro) of Fotomagico and, having just retired with more time (and unfortunately less money) I was planning to upgrade to version 3 (pro) sometime soon. I remember seeing the pro version on the App store not too long ago for around £39.99 (I think), then it increased to around £54.99 but now it is priced at £94.99. This is a terrific increase especially for an upgrade. I would welcome any comments from the guys at Boinx as to how this increase can be justified and if there is any way I can upgrade via the App store for a lower price.

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We had a special promo before the OSX Lion launch, so these prices you see right now are the “standard” prices for a full license that are valid for more than a year now, I’m afraid.

Plus the Mac App Store does not provide an upgrade option. You can view the upgrade prices in our own online store here:

Thanks Rudolph

Yes, £59 is much more reasonable for an upgrade. I didn’t realise the £39 offer was a promo. Again, thanks for replying.