Preview, thumbnails and other issues

It would be nice if FotoMagico 6 would render proper previews and thumbs and mp4 export. But it still doesn’t, I get a black thumb. I report this failure as a bug still living in version 6.
Solution: I have found that if I remove the very first second from an mp4 export gives my mp4 a preview.
I suggest an option for that should be included in the export function.

Moreover FM6 fails to show content of the newest version of LightRoom Classic CC.

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-19 om 11.44.09

I would like to move to FM6, but these bugs hold me back.

Best regards
René van Elk

Hi @renevanelk Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for reporting these bugs.

Question from Engineering: what version of Lightroom are you using?

I’m using LightRoom Classic version 11.1

I’ve the same issue. LrC 11.1 and FM Pro 5.6.14. Please fix.

I have found that when exporting you can set the fade option to zero. This gave back my previews. By default this option is on.