Press "Live" for different Layers at the same time

How can I command to “Live” for different layers (Videos) in the Layer Stack? This different Videos should be “Live” at exactly the same time!

@Entgeisterung Thank you for using mimoLive and for posting your question here!

You can either assign the same keyboard shortcut to the layers or use the Remote Control Surface. I recommend the latter because it let’s you control Layers more precisely.

Hi, thanks for your answer!
It works so far. But is it possible, that they do not start at the exact same frame?! I see a little delay about maybe 3 or more frames?!

Unfortunately the video sources starts with an unpredictable delay because the media player needs to preload some content before it will start the playback. Depending on the structure of the video file this could take some frames.

If I understand your setup correctly (from another post) those videos are looped ones and you don’t care about the beginning? The you may put in some “keep alive” Placer layers: Assign a looped video source to one of them and configure the Placer layer with “Custom” parameters to move the video image off screen. If you switch this layer “live” then the video source will never pause and switching on one of the other layers will immediately give you a result.