presenting in front of an audience


I’m brand new to FotoMagico (5) and I like to know what are the best practices and settings when I want to build a show that I want to present in front of an audience. So I have a set of photos that will be live presented and I’m open to questions. I want to go to the photo when I’m ready or no more questions there.

What kind of duration shall I use when I do not know how long my speech will be at that time? Is pressing play / stop / play the way to go?

Many thanks

Hi Joerg,

There are several things to consider. Concerning the stage size of the show, I’d go with the default setting of “4K” which has a 16:9 aspect ratio and is appropriate for presenting on 4K UHD television, but also on Full HD televisions and projectors.

As to how your slideshow should be structured is hard to say without knowing more about the topic of your show. You mentioned that you are going to speak about each slide, accept some questions, and then proceed to the next slide. For this use case, you should set the “Continue” parameter in Slide Options to “at mouse click”. This will keep the current slide visible while you speak, accept and answer any questions. Only when you are ready, you click the mouse button or press the right arrow key on the keyboard, to advance to the next slide.

So “continue at mouse click” is appropriate whenever you have slides that you intend to speak to, and you don’t know how long you are going to take. Please note that you can mix and match different continue type within the same slideshow. You can have a block of slides that you speak to (continue at mouse click), and another block that is self-running and synchronized with music (continue at audio marker).

Hope that helps a little bit to get you started.


Hi Peter,

That sounds really great and promising and already helps a lot. To mix the “continue” parameter and combine parts where I speak and other to listen to with music is awesome and exactly what I need.