Presenter view

Hello, I’m new to FotoMagico and this forum. I’m getting to know the features while doing my first presentation.

I wonder if I can get a “presenter view” in FotoMagico where I’d like to see:
My notes (that my audience don’t see)
Previous and next slide
Clock and timer

Is that possible? Your help is much appreciated!

You have two options to work with a teleprompter:

  • When attaching a secondary monitor (or a projector) to your computer FotoMagico will ask you on which display you want to playback your show in full screen if you start a full screen playback (see attachment). Here you have the option to switch into “Use Teleprompter” mode. In this mode you will get a list of the next slides including your notes and a count down for the current slide.

  • You can purchase the FotoMagico Remote App for iPhone to control FotoMagico while in full screen playback mode. You will see the same information (next slides, notes, count down) on your phone

See “Presenting” section on for more infos.