Presenter Talkback Channel/Alternative Submix via MimoCall


We have been making TV shows with MimoLive throughout this Pandemic and it has been great. One thing which is missing is the ability to send different MimoCalls their own audio mix. Essentially we have a presenter with Dial-In guests and I want the ability for our producer to talk to the Presenter whilst on-air for timings etc.

Is this possible??



Currently the mimoCaller gets the program out mix-minus automatically. However we will bring a “Partner hears” option in the mimoCall options panel in mimoLive 5.8 where you can select a different audio mix. mimoLive 5.8 beta 1 is coming soon.


Cheers Achim!

That will give us some great options!


I was looking for the exact same thing. That would be great. Let me know when the beta is available and I’ll happy to test!