Presenter layer with face follow

It would be great to have a face-follow feature for presenter source (Source A) so that it dynamically adjusts left/right croping based on how the presenter moves.

Furthermore a manual left/right shift may also be good to manually adjust while face-follow is deactivated. Just to do this manually for machines with less power/capabilities.

Everything you need for it is there:

EFFECTIVE IDEA I - for semi pros:

  • Use below to have your presentation there.
  • Change the settings inside of the presenter 2D.
  • Add a Source for your image.
  • At the source you can use face tracker filter to do so.


  • Use two PIP-Window Layers and bring A and B to the sizes you need.
  • Transitions between variants are very cool.
  • For your image use the face tracker filter.

Hi @JoPhi
Many thanks for your thoughts.
I can follow your first idea and it really comes close. Only thing (besides the somewhat more clunkier usage of the presenter layer) is, the missing possibility to scale down source A to not be higher or same height then source B (PowerPoint, screenshare, demo view, …).

Look at this demo:

Two pip-window-layers are combined by the use of layer-sets.

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With corresponding variants you can unleash your creativity. Feel free to enhance the example by adding new “views”.

After setting it up: Simply replace all the A-Placeholders to the person’s camera and the B-Placeholder to whatever should be presented.

You can move the images at any scaling on screen. If you change it to another type, you can have borders, round corners, even drop shadows…

Add a multi view, if your sources are not loaded immediately.

To follow the face, add a face tracker filter to the video source which shows the person.

Hi @JoPhi
Wow, that’s a truly great idea - many thanks for this which really makes what I was looking for!

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