Presenter layer and screen/windows capture problem with mimoLive beta

I am using mimoLive Beta 2.0b14 and here are the list of problems and suggestions. Anyone seen the same? I am using BoinxTV weekly in my church to record video. Without the Presenter 2D and screen capture I cannot migrate to it yet.



  1. Presenter 2D with Video Switcher as layer below does not work (bypassed)
  2. Presenter 2D transition from A + B to A result in blank screen
  3. Windows capture not restart correct after the application restarted
  4. Screen Source Capture Area Show/Hide not working


  1. is there a way to start Show and Record at same time? It seems confusion to have to start them both.
  2. Record in intermediate codec. ProRes is just too large.
  3. Shortcut key in Layer column

Jason, thanks for your feedback!

Which OS X version are you running on? Which machine?


1+2) I can’t reproduce this here, so I would like to ask for more details: Are you using an old BoinxTV document or did you rebuild the document in mimoLive? (The Presenter layer and/or video switcher layer from the old BoinxTV may be not compatible with mimoLive) Also: does it happen even if you rebuild it or after a save/load cycle?

  1. The Window capture tries to find the previous selected window after a restart, but may fail if the app isn’t running or the window have a different name. We will look into other ways to find the window again.

  2. I can’t reproduce this. May it be that the screen capture selection is set to the complete screen and the boundaries are off screen? (you can check this in the Screen Capture source inspector with the capture coordinates) In this case you won’t see them. However this showed me, that we missed some buttons here to do some actions like resetting the position of the area.


  1. Actually you can setup the “Recording” to start with the “Show start” button by selecting the “Record Settings” and check the “Automatically start recording on show start” and “Automatically stop recording on show end”. (This applies to the other outputs too). We didn’t come up with a good User Interface for this and so it is not obvious how that works.

  2. In that very same Record Settings window you can open an “advanced” settings section by clicking on the description button at the bottom. You should be able to select a different Video recording format here. However currently “Apple Intermediate” is not an option. You may use H.264 instead.

  3. The shortcuts for setting a certain Layer variant “live” is at the same spot as in BoinxTV: check the “Triggers” section in the Parameter view in the middle column. You will find a “Toggle Key” for the Layer itself or for the Layer Variant separately. Those keyboard shortcuts will be shown in the Layers column next to the layers name. Currently they are barely visible. We will work on that. Does that help?

I am using OS X 10.11.3 on a Macbook Pro 15". Also I am creating the doc entirely from the beta, not imported from BoinxTV.

For 1 and 2, my setup was using Source B from a windows capture. Source A is “Layers below”. Layers below has Video Switcher, Camera-1, Camera-2, windows capture and then Audio only. (in that order)

I captured the result here.

Notice that I use placeholder A and B in video switcher just to illustrate. The Presenter never shows the placeholder in the video switcher layer, that is what I called “bypassed”

And then you can see I can use Presenter 2D “A+B” to “B” without problem. But once I switch from “A+B” to A. It resulted in a blank screen

For screen capture. I was using dual monitor setup (HDMI). I usually capture a powerpoint slide from team viewer on the second screen. However windows capture layer seems okay, except as the problem outlined in 3.

Thanks and hope this help.


Hi there, Achim, how are you?
Following Jason’s #2 suggestion, do you have plans to make the Apple Intermediate Codec available on mimoLive? The files that are generated by the ProRes codecs are indeed too large. :\
Thanks a lot,

@profgustavoreis: We choose those formats because not of the file size but of the encoding speed. Apple Intermediate codec would be another choice but unfortunately not supported by Apples AVFoundation Framework as an encoder, so we can’t use it at this time.

@Jason Lee: This bypassing may be part of a bug in OS X we already reported to Apple. Hopefully they can find a workaround or a fix.

If this is OS X bug, how come in BoinxTV works just fine? Are you going to release mimoLive out of Beta if this Bug still exists?

We had to rework the render process in mimoLive from scratch to remove the QuickTime framework (which was deprecated by Apple a long time ago, which means it can be removed from the system at any time). This change revealed some issues in the new technology Apple gave us and we worked around quite some of them, except this one. As mentioned we reported this to Apple and they are currently looking into it. We didn’t made a decision yet if this is a show stopper for us or not.

It seems this is fixed in 2.0b22. Thanks!

Great to hear! Thanks for reporting back! :slight_smile: