Pre-select or cue variants before going live

Hi all, is there a shortcut to pre-select a variant with a control surface before going live?

My scenario is I have several lower thirds that I would like to trigger during the show, they are in a lower 3rd layer in several variants, or they could be several PNG files

What I would like to do is, when I cut to one speaker, I would like to pre-select the correct lower third and hit the “LIVE” button with the control surface. Currently I have to mouse click the correct variant and that’s not efficient.

I have tried cycle through variants option, but it automatically takes the variant live.


Hi @Gabriel_Ng_7435 Thanks for the question. What is the advantage of “cueing” over directly selecting the lower third? (You can put all variants as separate buttons on the remote control surface). How would cueing make things easier?

Hi Oliver, thank you for your response.
In the workflow that I have, The source is an ATEM that feeds to a video placer.
I have a button on my XKeys that triggers a layer set (Video, Lower 3rd, Audio, etc)

When I cut another layer set like powerpoint presentation, and before I cut back to another speaker, I would like to put the next lower third on standby, so that when it’s live, the correct title shows.

I could create separate buttons on the remote control surface, but that would be a lot of buttons and an additional button press (cut to Video, and then fade in lower 3rd). Cycling through variants is great, if there’s an option that it doesn’t automatically go live.

I hope I explained my use case clearly

Thank you for describing your use case. We’ll consider it for a future version.

To cue the proper lower third, you would have to put a set of buttons for each lower third on the remote control surface anyways, right?

To avoid having to press multiple buttons, you could deploy multiple strategies:

  • You could add a second action to the lower third button so that the video is also switched to the correct camera/view
  • With the help of Automation Layers you could add the proper delays and timing for turning on the lower third. With the help of Globals, you could even create the cueing workflow where you press one button to select the presenter and then use other Automation layers to map the proper other layers and layer sets to the selected speaker.
  • You could use the HTTP API and an external tool to control this. I think we have an example somewhere on how to use an Numbers/PowerPoint spreadsheet to populate the lower thirds.

Thanks Oliver, I will explore the suggestions given.

Perhaps my regular workflow needs to be updated a little to use an iPad rather than a 24-button xkeys too.

Normally I have layers visible to me during production, and have only a button for the Main Layer (not variants). I use this as a template, for multiple events that have a similar structure but number of speakers change (from as few as 3 to as many as 12), therefore I don’t have to keep on adding buttons for each variant.

Mimolive is an awesome product. Thank you very much!