PowerPoint while allowing speaker to use notes (presenter view)

We are currently using two Mimo calls to record presenters presenting their PowerPoints (presenter in a PIP layer) and using 2D presenter for the slides. We would like to enable presenters to use their notes in PowerPoint - in other words, the Presenter view. Is this possible? Is there any easy way to enable the presenter to see their notes and for us just to capture the slides as they are using them? We need to make things as easy as possible for the presenter - so not having them switch to Keynote or frame a particular part of their screen (unless there’s an easy way). Thank you!

Keynote could be an option though: Keynote Live. Grab the URL on uour side. And on their side they can use Keynote with notes.

Thanks for the quick response. Alas, we are not in a position to get these people to switch the software they are using from PowerPoint to Keynote, as they may not be comfortable with that and they are kind of busy VIPs (and there’s also a client in between). Can you be more specific about whether the Keynote switch would be possible solely with effort on our side and, if so, what steps we’d need to take? Or if there’s anything we can do to enable the presenter to use PowerPoint with their Presenter view and accompanying notes? Thank you!

Understood. Well, the Mimocall user can share the app via MimoCall. Or you can setup a 2nd Mimocall with just the PowerPoint share from the customers PPT machine.

I think this might be getting closer. Are you saying there’s a way to share the PowerPoint app via Mimocall, as opposed to just running the presentation on a Mimocall? And then on our side, we could do something to just obtain the presentation in view? (Along with our PIP with the speaker.)

In the webclient the user can share apps/screens instead of his camera.