Potential Audio Bug in Mimolive 5.8?

Hi all,

I’m trying to create an IFB setup for my remote panelists coming in with Mimocall.

I created an audio layer for my talkback microphone, placed as a layer with audio turned down in Program. I’ve created a separate audio mix (unlinked from program audio).
For Panelist A’s mix, I have muted their audio and turned up the talkback mic. Setup is repeated for the other panelists with their own “mix minus”.

Everything worked great and the panelists were very happy that we could communicate from the backend. However, this setup would not work. and the panelist would not hear anything or, will hear other channels in program, but not the talkback.

The solution that we found was to “cycle” what the panelist hears. Switch his mix to another Mix then back to his Mix.

Could this be a bug that needs to be fixed? Thanks!

hi, just checking in to see if anybody has an input on this matter.


hi @Gabriel_Ng Thanks for the feedback. We’re aware that the talkback function of mimoCall needs to be improved. I can’t give you a roadmap yet, though.