Possible to anchor a slide title?

Is it possible to anchor a slide title in an animated slide? I want the title to stay anchored to the bottom as the slide zooms in.

Just don’t animate the title (it’s on a separate layer) – leave it where it is and animate only the image by zooming it in. The title should stay where it is. Did you try that? Or doesn’t that work?

It doesn’t work in my copy of FotoMagico 5. Turning off animation on one layer turns it off on the other(s).

What version are you running? The latest is 5.6.1.
Are you using a snippet, or did you just drag an image to an empty slot in the time line and then add a text title? Is the title text and image “grouped” somehow??

You can’t turn animation on/off on a “layer by layer” basis, only on a single slide at a time (if you want to) by checking or unchecking the Enable button. But you CAN choose which layers you want to animate by selecting them and making sure they are placed where you want them and they aren’t being zoomed in or out as well.

Drag an image to the time line. Go to Options and click on the Animation checkbox to Enable it. You should now see Start and Finish frames. Click on Add Title and enter your text. Move it on the Start frame to where you want it. Once it’s placed, right click and select Copy Geometry. Now go to the same title text on the Finish frame. Right click on it and select Paste Geometry. The text should appear at the same location on both Start and Finish frames and look identical. Too make this easy, now select just the image, either clicking on it on the Finish frame or clicking it in the Timeline. Then use the Zoom slider to zoom the image in. THE TEXT SHOULD REMAIN UNCHANGED as far as its size and location. Now run the slideshow (or just that frame to see if it worked).

If it doesn’t work, I’m not sure what else to tell you. Sorry :frowning:

That works. Thanks.

Glad that helped :slight_smile:

BTW, when I said in the second paragraph you can only turn animation on or off on a single slide at a time, that wasn’t what I meant to say. You CAN have the option of Enabling animation for your entire slide show BEFORE you start to drag images onto the timeline. Then you’d turn animation OFF on a slide by slide basis. Since I only use animation sparingly (I despise the Ken Burns Effect that people use slide after slide after slide after slide), I always start with animation disabled, and then selectively turn it on when it might spice up the presentation (like zooming into a perspective shot or panning a panorama shot across the screen). Just thought I’d throw that out there.