Possible AppleTV app for FotoMagico shows

I use FotoMagico to create digital signage for my elementary school. The resulting movie files are contain announcements for important upcoming events, as well as photos taken throughout the school. Since I do this all on my laptop, which I take with me as I move about the building, I cannot just broadcast the final movie file via an AppleTV connected to a LG television monitor. I would love to see a dedicated AppleTV app for FotoMagico that would allow me to easily edit and broadcast this digital signage content. Third party apps like Carousel would do this, but the licensing costs are quite high. Right now, I transfer the movie files to a USB flash drive that the television can read. I am open to other suggestions and would appreciate any feedback received. I am not certain that I want my personal AppleID on a publicly accessible AppleTV device, so perhaps a FotoMagico app for AppleTV would help.

@ctsmsedu Thank you for using FotoMagico! This is a great use case.

We’re considering several options for showing FotoMagico slide shows on AppleTV.

For clarification: Would this be one AppleTV or several?