Poor IQ on Bluray with Beta 4

I upgraded to release 4 after using 3.8.8 Pro fairly successfully. The release version of 4.0 failed miserably for me. I could not export files on any of my Macs (2 pros and a MB Retina). At the suggestion of customer support I downloaded the new Beta. Finally, I am able to export but with a host of new problems. First, the image quality of burned Bluray discs is miserable. Using the 8000kbps compression default the image is unwatchable due to motion artifacts. I kept bumping up the data rate until finally at 20000kbps I am able to get an acceptable quality. But now I have a new and even worse problem. When playing back a burned disc, fine image detail has a horrendous shimmer and there is a ghost image displaced from the main image by several pixels and it is quite noticeable with vertical lines, even with the Sharpness control on my TV set turned all the way off. It is noticeable on both Bluray and AVCHD versions and with disc burned from the same file on two different computers. Something in the Fotomagico file seems to be triggering this effect when the disc is burned. I am at a loss and now I have to reconstruct the entire program using the older 3.8.8 version. The 4.0 releases clearly are not ready for release, in my opinion.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Can you send us a short movie clip, so we can see what you are seeing?