Pleeeeease Fotomagico, go back to previous version

A couple of years back I tried out a whole bunch of programs for my video/photo displays and finally hit upon Fotomagico. It was brilliant, everything I wanted, superb quality and simple to use.

I paid - I can’t remember now, $99? - for the latest version, and it is now absolutely unusable.

Like everyone, I’m having the ‘missing image file’ problem, but on top of that there are all kinds of glitches with videos and endless crashes.

Having paid out for the program, I’m now back to using iMovie HD - much poorer quality, but at least it works.

I would really like a refund on this, but I don’t know where I stand legally - much better, though, would be if all these problems could be fixed so that the program was usable again.

Absolutely nothing in the new version was an improvement on the last, just a few pointless gimmicks that had no impact on the quality of the videos produced.

And a pile of bugs that rendered the program unusable.

It’s a mess. And an expensive one too.

To be fair, the early versions of 4 seemed to work quite nicely. I had no problems with it and there were some nice additions. But ever since they’ve tried to sandbox things, the problems have occurred. This will all get sorted (and may be largely sorted with the latest beta), but it’s definitely frustrating inbetween.

If you haven’t tried the last beta, please download. It will likely take care of most of your problems.

Crasharama, keep calm, the software is not as bad as you say. Indeed, there were a lot of bugs, but a number of them are fixed. The “pointless gimmicks” are very nice features, try them and you would be happy, you will not find a similar product on the market. Tell Boinx your problems in detail and they will help you!!

@Crasharama: Thanks for your honest feedback. We certainly do our very best to solve the problems, and indeed (as @MathewUSF pointed out) the latest beta is a huge improvement on this “missing media” bug. Pease feel free to download and testrun it from here: . If you don’t depend on the new very nice features (thanks @karlie! :slight_smile: ) in FotoMagico 4 you can download the last version 3.8.8 here (your license will work with it too!)