Please fix the 4 Issue for Mousepose (just do it like the old version!)

Hello, I’m a user who is using Mouspose very well.
Only 64bit programs are available when upgrading to Mac OS Catalina
I couldn’t use 3.X anymore and bought the 4.X Mousepose version.

However, in the new version, the options are not as diverse as in the old version.
I don’t think I can use it anymore because I have some deadly bugs.
If this bug doesn’t improve, I’ll use another app.

  1. The function (fn) key is displayed.
    If you want to sweep the spotlight function, press the key fn + F1 you’ve been holding.
    The keystroke is displayed on the screen.
    (In old versions, there was an option that didn’t display the function key.)

  2. Press two combination words and the keystroke disappears in an instant.
    For example, if you press ctrl + O, the keystroke disappears in 0.1 second.
    Let it be marked as long as it was in the old version.
    (It’s the same when you set other options.

  3. I am a Korean user. I wish I could not see Korean but only English as I did in the past.
    When you activate the keystroke function, you want only English to be displayed.
    Now, I can see Korean in the input state, but I want it to be displayed in Only English like the old version.

  4. The mouse click effect is strange.
    In the old version, there was a gentle mouse click effect, but now it’s too hard and weird.

Overall, you just have to make the old version of 3.X.
Please I beg you.

Think about the users who pay for it.
If the bug above doesn’t improve, it’s hard to use Moussepose anymore.