Playing 4k video on 4k TV

I have just purchased Fotomagico and am thinking of buying a new 4k T.V. What I would like to know is how people play their 4k slide shows on a 4k T.V. For example are there are any devices like the Sumvision Cyclone Player that people know about?

best wishes


Probably the best result is by directly hooking up your Mac to the 4K TV via HDMI. You can play both video and audio to the TV from FotoMagico directly.

Of course you can also render a 4K video.

I render a 4k MP4 video of all my slideshows and upload them to YouTube. I can then watch them using the YouTube app on my TV, as indeed can others.
It’s also possible to put an MP4 file onto a memory stick or small SSD drive and hook that up direct.
Third solution would be to use mirroring.

Because we don’t share any of our shows on social media, we haven’t exported to any formats that are allowed (although I did make a quick test of my own, uploaded it to YouTube, watched it, and then removed it – and it worked). I’m curious as to how long it takes for YouTube to render an upload in its native 4K format, though, especially shows like ours that run about 35 to 45 minutes.

When we present any of our shows to groups, family, friends, etc, we always do what Oliver suggested – connect our Macs directly to a 4K TV with an HDMI cable. Everything looks fantastic.

Stan, it takes as long as it takes, and depends on one’s wifi connection. An SD version is uploaded first and is made immediately available. The HD version takes longer, but no more than an hour or so in my case.

Thanks for your advice. Initially I tried making a movie based on the demo slide show and then played it through the Sumvision at 1080p and it was horrible, with a lot of pixilation and broken sound! Thankfully I discovered that my Bluray player can play movie files stored on a USB drive and on this device the slideshow looks great at 1080p. No point going up to 4k as I only have a 1080p TV at present.