Playback via Blackmagic Ultrastudio Monitor

Hi there
I was happy to see that Mimolive identified my BM Ultrastudio Monitor as a device for the playback function. But somehow I can’t get it to actually send a video to my monitor.
Do I need a special “sender” layer? Or is this function not yet fully implemented?
I’m using the Mimolive beta 2.0b9 on MacOS 10.10 and also just updated the BM drivers.
The Ultrastudio Monitor works totally fine with BM Media Express, so i shouldn’t be a hardware problem.

Hi Andre, something broke in a recent release and for some reason playout over the Mini Monitor doesn’t work any more. It is supposed to work and we’ll look into this.

Decklink duo won’t out also…

It is very likely that something in the playout chain broke in general. We are still looking into this.