Picture in Picture PIP information & setup

Hi, I am looking for more information, tutorials, videos on how to use Picture in Picture. I would like to use up to 4 cameras for various customisable PIP configurations, as well as switching between pre-designed PIP configurations.
Thank you for your assistance

Hi @nobilus Thanks for reaching out in the forum.

@JoPhi has created a video which includes info about the magic of the PIP Layer: How to create a fabulous let's play stream with macOS and mimoLive? (uMIMOtuts 03) - YouTube


Thank you Oliver, I am interested to see how Mimolive with PIP + lower thirds functionality will integrate with the new Atem Mini Pro Extremes.

As ATEM comes in as 1 stream, there’s not really a benefit with MimoLive. What would you lile to see or expect from such an ‘integration’? #curious

I am hoping to use a user friendly, intuitive interface (I am trialling Mimolive) with advanced capabilities to add lower thirds, logos etc. I am a newbie to Streaming and have been playing around with OBS & PIP functionality. I would like to add lower thirds graphics for my online classes (I have been successful in sending footage out into the Blackboard LMS my College uses via OBS). I have seen more sophisticated setups combining Atem Mini Pro and Elgato Streamdeck for advanced PIP & lower thirds. The Streamdeck is configured to provide quick seamless addition of lower thirds, logos etc. eg. New SuperSource Transitions | Blackmagic - We Need More Macros - YouTube. I suspect the new Atem extremes will replace the Elgato in these configurations. I do want to add advanced lower third and logo inputs which are easily added on the fly. Perhaps MimoLive would be best suited for this?