Photowall integration

Hello All, I just got a bit familiar with photowall For apple TV. Pretty cool. I have an event in about a week that I may use that at. It is a Awards show that I am broadcasting via MiMolive. However, prior to it, I am thinking about displaying photos on a monitor driven by an apple TV. Easy to do. However, for our live show, I was wondering if there is a way to create a layer where I can take in a Photowall “Stream”, or possibly Apple “My stream” via wifi? I know that I can simply use the output of the Apple TV as a video source, however, with only two thunderbolt ports to use as video sources, I am not sure how to share video sources off of one TB port. It would be easier if there was a way that MIMOLIVE could “see” the photo stream independently of a thunderbolt port video source. that I could switch between live video cameras and that stream. Is there a way to do that?

Hi Mike, I was using NDI last night to do exactly what you are describing. Ideally you would go with a wired network and wifi results will vary depending on Signal and Bandwidth, but thats always the case with wireless. best thing is the NDI collection of plugins are free. You will need either a commercial or broadcast license of ML to make NDI work.

@winnie Could you post the exact setup?

Oliver (Boinx) I’ll try to put something up in the morning.

@Oliver (Boinx)

Good Afternoon,

I am a little short on time so here is a very quick guide to set up and running NDI from an external source.

NDI is now my preferred source option for displaying programs outside of Mimolive instead of using screen or window capture.

1.mimolive v3 with NDI active and local network connected.
2. Remote source (pc/mac) on same network
Newtek NDI tools installed.

On remote source,
Run desired display software
Run NDI scan converter, select your display source from within scan converter menu.

Create new show,
Add new source - NDI. Your source should be instantly visible in the video source
dropdown, if not select NDI source settings from the same dropdown menu.

If your source is not visible here and NDI is running on the source then there is probably no network connectivity between the 2 devices.
To check NDI is working on the source device, use NDI monitor app from the NDI tools menu, right click inside the window and select your source display.

Hoe this helps, its very simple, rock solid and just works.

Also, as a remote device source a second instance of Mimolive with NDI output active is perfect as you have the http remote option to control Mimo available on the network.