Is there a way to build all my layers in photoshop and then import them as a single PSD?

Are you trying to retain all the separate layers inside of mimoLive?

This is an interesting question, given you could build layers of graphics and import them as a group.

Exactly. I just did a project and my art director built the entire frame in layers on photoshop. We then saved each layer as png’s and imported them separately. If I could import a PSD file of all my layers and assign the layers to my stacks directly it would be extremely easy and everything would align WITHOUT any sizing or scaling.

Hi guys, this is an interesting discussion.

Although we modeled the layer stack concept after Photoshop, we thought people would want to have animated layers and not just static graphics. So, we did not consider offering a feature that would allow you to drag in a PSD and have mimoLive create a layer for each layer in the PSD.

But I can see now how this could benefit mimoLive users. We’ll add it to the feature requests list.

I still see a lot of value with importing PSD files. Especially if there is a way to combine some of your technology layers. For instance, the ML lower thirds may not be my design choice so I make my own in PS.

But if I had a way to say in a LOWER PSD LAYER, to import 5 layers inside a photoshop layer and then assign each layer a movement (like a slide, light ray, blur, etc). I could actually animate a very complex looking lower easily. Then just use your text engine to add the titles.

I currently use After Effects but that is not for everyone and is cumbersome.