Photo's which are very sharp in CS5 or not so sharp anymore when used in FM


my photo’s in CS5 are very sharp after resized to 1602x1068 240ppi.

When I insert these photos to FM and run the slideshow full screen with the images at 100% (so actual size not enlarged or reduced size) my photo’s turn soft.

Did anyone of you experienced the same issue.
How did you solve this or are you doing extra sharpening for FM shows?

Thanks for your help.

I tested your settings on my machine and it looks quite good to me (each pixel in CS5 is the same on screen in FotoMagico in Full-ScreenPlayback) What screen dimensions do you have? Is the stage size of your sideshow the same as your computer screen dimensions (check with command-; )?

sorry for the late reply.
My settings in fotomagico for the screen are the same as they are for my Imac27.
Checked with command-;
Here a screenshots to see the difference.
Left FotoMagico Right CS5.
Look at the eye and lock t the wing.
There is a clear difference even when the picture is very small.

As you may see on the left side there is a blurry border around the image itself. This indicates, that the pixels are drawn 0.5 pixels off on the screen. This may be caused by even (or odd) pixel dimensions of your image. Please check the image size of your source image and reduce it by one pixel horizontally and vertically this will shift the image in FotoMagico by 0.5 pixels and the result should be the same as in CS5.