Photo browser (modern) always jumps back to top after inserting a photo into the slideshow

After inserting of a new photo into my slideshow, the photo browser (modern photo browser) always resets (jumps back) to top view (i.e. showing the topmost photos in the folder) instead of keeping the latest scroll position. This is quite annoying since if I want to insert a nearby photo, I must always scroll down to find the respective photo location. This does not seem to be the case with the old or “classical” photo browser. How can I get rid of this behavior?

Confirmed – it happens to me, too.

Another issue that needs to be addressed in a future update.

Confirmed happening to me as well.

And for me its not only going to the top but refreshing the whole images section therefore i have to wait for another 2-3 seconds before the imported images to pop up again.

I totally agree. This refreshing effect is the same for me as well.

2-3 seconds!!! OMG!!! NOOOOOO…

Just kidding :wink:

New Update today and this is still happening.

Long-time Fotomagico user here (paid through version 5) and had no need to produce a slideshow in a while.

Have started using this yesterday, and am really FRUSTRATED that this is happening to me too - it wastes so much time scrolling through the ENTIRE list of photos just to add one. I have 400 to add into specific snippets, this makes the software unusable.

Is there any acknowledgement this is a problem? Is it system-specific affecting only a few users?

Hi @Dale_Yuzuki Thank you for being a long time user! My apologies for the troubles.

As I can’t reproduce it, it could indeed by system-specific. Just to double check: you’re talking about the “Photos App” source?

What are the versions of FotoMagico and MacOS you’re using?

Yes, this has been annoying me for a long time, the permanent scrolling back to the place where you have just inserted an image or changed something.
FM version: 6.5.6, Macos Ventura 13.6.6

Hi, Oliver –

Ahh, I see what’s going on here! If you’re in the Media Browser window and you choose any of the folders (and the photos within them) in the “Libraries” section then the problem does NOT occur (which is probably why you said you couldn’t reproduce it). But if you choose any of the folders (and the photos within them) that appear in the “Folders” section, THEN the problem DOES EXIST. When you drag a photo to the Storyboard or Timeline and then return to the Media Browser, you end up back to the first image in that folder and NOT where you originally picked the photo, so you have to scroll all the way down again.

Hi @stantastic Thank you very much for taking the time to figure this out and reporting it. We’re very grateful for your contributions. I was able to see the effect in the Movies section. I’m going to try to reproduce what you’ve reported.

I just realized that the same thing happens in the “Images” side panel as well (so NOT just in the newer Media Browser window) – if you’re in the Libraries > “Photo Apps” section then there’s no problem, but if you’re in the Folders > “folder name” section then it happens – when you drag an image (or more) to the Timeline, the images in the window just reset back to the first image in that folder. It probably makes more sense to just leave that panel alone so the location of the “last image chosen” (or the first if more than one is chosen) stays where it is.

This is not happening before too. I dont know what kind of update happen for this to occur. I use fotomagico almost everyday and voiced out this concern many updates ago yet nothing is being done. If this problem persist i might switch out to other application as well.

Im on Sonoma 14.1 and Fotomagico 6.5.8

Here is what happening for your reference.

The 6.6b3 (beta) version DID FIX the problem – EXCEPT – it expired a few days ago and will no longer run :frowning:. You’ll just have to wait for the next official update.

New FM 6.6 was released today and fixes the above problem. Thanks, guys!!