Personal Layer cannot file path find when IN Mimolive

Hi there.
I created with Quartz Composer my personal Layer 'cause i need to read a String from a .txt file.
The layer works perfectly on Quartz composer but when i upload it on Mimolive, it doesn’t work.
It looks like he cannot find the file path, even if i put in the absolute path.
To debug it, i tried to create a “filewriter” (with Kineme) that works perfectly on Quartz Composer but again, on Mimolive, it doesn’t and it doesn’t write out any file. My idea was to see WHERE mimolive put that file and then trying to see if he can read file from there, but nothing worked.

I thought it was some “no-rights-to-write” problem (i’m on a macbook) but i gave mimolive the permission to control the whole disk, so it’s not :slight_smile:

Probably, it should be something with the path.
I’m using the string
as path

There is something wrong with “/” this carachter and mimolive?

Can someone help me?
Thank you,