Performance on M1 series

Hi there,

I was wondering whether anyone continued to experiment with the Mac M1 series.
What are your thoughts so far and how does it perform in comparison to your old setup.

I personally do not own a M1, but am considering purchasing one because my current setup (Mac Mini + RX580 in Sonnet eGFX) is having stability issues.

Edit: I mentioned I use the VEGA56, which I do not have. It’s an RX580 instead.

Hi Hindrik,

M1 is great but mimoLive is not yet fully supported on M1. I’m using it every day and it’s significantly faster than the 6 core Intel Mac mini with my small eGPU (not the Vega56).

What are the stability issues you have?

Hi @Oliver_Boinx, thanks for your reply.

I will definitely wait until it’s fully supported by you guys. It is great to hear that it’s performing well. The main reason I am interested is because I embed the graphics produced by MimoLive in my ATEM Television Studio HD by using SDI playout (Key + Fill), and therefore like to use another computer to do the recording and live-streaming. The Mac Mini is currently placed in a Sonnet Rack enclosure, which can hold another Mac Mini :slight_smile:

Concering the stability issues, I get a random black screen every now and then when the eGPU is running. The graphics card goes in safety mode (full spinning fans) and I’m forced to force restart the computer. I am in contact with Sonnet already and active on the eGPU reddit and forum to figure out where this problem arises. Someone pointed out this is a known issue with Catalina, so I might update to Big Sur very soon and see if it helps.

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