Performance Observation

I’ve been using MimoLive since October of last year. I was using it on my 2014 iMac very successfully. A few weeks ago, I had a hardware fault on my iMac, and thought, well, it should perform even better on my 2018 MacBook Pro (13", Touch Bar)… surprisingly … it didn’t …quite spectacularly… My MacBook Pro just could not keep up at all with a relatively simple document (4 mimocalls, a video background on a placer and split screen, recording the program output and each mimocall separately).

Just curious, is this because of the discrete graphics on my much older iMac? Memory? (64 GB vs 16 GB). The SSD in my MacBook Pro is MUCH faster so I had initially expected even better performance since I thought that the disk I/O would have been a bottlleneck on my iMac. My iMac has been repaired, so its more of an academic / curiosity question. I’m really trying to hold out until the new apple silicon MacBook pro’s are introduced (with m1x or m2 … whatever) AND that mimolive is updated to fully support apple silicon.