its possible to get Support Files PDF,KEYNOTE,PPT to load on presenter option.

I’m also trying to figure out how to display a PDF and be able to scroll it up and down on MimoLive as well as how to show PowerPoint. Any help would be appreciated.

I think the best way to do it is by running on your machine the Keynote Application or PowerPoint and you can use the “window capture” source on mimoLive. In this way you can capture the program screen without any interference.

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Paulo, Thank you for your reply. I tried doing this but for whatever reason MimoLive doesn’t show the actual PowerPoint presentation after you press “Start". It shows the pre-presentation screen with the slides, sidebars, menu items, etc., but not the presentation as one would show it publicly. Any other thoughts?

On PowerPoint, select “Slide Show” → “Set up show” → “Browsed by an individual (window)”

Then, when you start the slide show, it will be displayed in a window that shows up in mimoLive (in the window capture source list, there will be 2 PowerPoint instances – choose the one that says “PowerPoint Slide Show”).

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Thank you so much. Your instructions worked! Any recommendations on how to show a PDF in MimoLive?


I see a few options:
– a Window Capture source connected to Adobe Acrobat Reader or your favorite PDF viewer (best option – is doesn’t matter if the window is on top or not, and you can crop it from the source configuration so that it doesn’t show the status bar, any icons, etc.)
– a Screen Capture source with a selected region within the window where the PDF is being displayed (the window can’t be covered by another window)
– run the PDF viewer in another computer and bring in the screen over the network using NDI
My personal rule of thumb: always use window displays instead of fullscreen modes!

Thank you, Gustavo. This is very helpful!

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Hi Gustavo,

I just posted the below question to the forum and wanted to see if you know how to do this since you were so helpful with my question about PowerPoint and PDFs.


I’m using MimoLive to teach a class and want to play in the lower third an animation or GIF that basically communicates to the students, “Great job!” when they give an excellent answer. I’m not able to create the animation or GIF but plan to find one that works well and then import it into MimoLive. How can I do this? I don’t have a tech background so I would be grateful for easy directions.

Hi there, David!

Take a look at the “Lower Third” layer options. You’ll find 1) a “background” section which can be configured to display a media source (video or static image), and 2) a “background animation” which you can use to add basic movement (translation and rotation) to a media source.

If you choose this path, you can have your “Great job” animation displayed by itself if you empty the “Content” fields (title and subtitle) and set your logo to “None”.

Another option is to use a basic “Placer” layer and have your animation created so that it is displayed in the lower portion of the screen and choose a video format with an alpha channel to allow the top portion to remain transparent.

(A good mimoLive rule of thumb is to think about the Placer layer as a wildcard.)