Pausing in Fullscreen Mode

When playing back a slideshow, is there a way to pause it in fullscreen mode? Thank you.

You can use the space bar to pause your slideshow anytime while in full screen mode. Please also consider to use “Continue at mouse click” as an timing option of a slide if you have certain points where you want to pause the slideshow to speak to your images live.

Thank you, Achim. For some reason I didn’t think that had worked. But I will try again.

Achim, I apologize for not making myself clear. I am referring to fullscreen playback directly from the FM application (not the StandAlone Player). Pressing the spacebar does not pause the slideshow. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you.

It should work in FotoMagico the same way as in the Stand Alone Player app. After hitting the Spacebar once, the slideshow animations stops (but the music is still playing, by default), hitting the Spacebar again the slideshow should go on. Have you installed some keyboard modifier software?

This is embarrassing. When I press the spacebar, the slideshow animation does indeed stop. However, it is the audio track that continues to play. Therefore, by locking the timing of each audio track, whenever I press the spacebar both the audio & the slideshow animation stop together. Problem solved! Sorry for the unnecessary question.

Great to hear that your problem is solved! Thats one unique features of FotoMagico, that you can pause the slideshow while the audio is still playing. Because FotoMagico is designed for live presentations this is a very important concept but may confuse users that what to have fixed timing for audio.