panoramas and spherical images

For years I’ve been using FotoMagico to make videos that showcase my photography. I do a lot of super-high-resolution panoramic images, so I appreciate how FotoMagico has supported loading images that are HUGE, and letting me easily create pan and zoom movements across the space.

I’ve also done a few 360º panoramas, which has taken a little bit of extra post-processing work to handle panning all the way around. Simple small thing which I could work around. I knew the market was tiny for this feature so I never bothered.

Until now.

Several “spherical cameras” are now on the market, including the Ricoh Theta S, Panono, and Bubl. Also getting more common are various multi-camera rigs that fit a cluster of action cameras like the GoPro. These offer still and video support.

Since Google has offered a specific “standard” to support these images (see Open Spherical Camera API), I think it might be time for other applications to support displaying and rendering them. So far, they’re all interactive and don’t support movie-rendering output.

I’d like to position a virtual camera inside a photo-sphere, and pan and zoom the camera, to record a high-quality video output, just like Foto Magico does for flat images.

I didn’t post links to examples or technical info, since many forums prefer none, but can follow up if you like.

+1, even though I will probably not purchase any type of spherical camera. It would be fun to see what can be done with the new technology.

I have the same request (see also my post here). I have a Madventure360 camera and use it extensively in my travel photography. Stitching is done in PTGui, but I cannot further use those images in my presentations done in FMPro due to lack of support.

Support for equirectangular images and animation of the panning like for plain images (i.e. start point+tilt+zoom value to end point+tilt+zoom value) would be highly welcome (at least in the Pro version).

Any update on this?

Or in other words: Are you still working on FotoMagico, or is this product dead? I’ve seen no movement in this app’s development for about a full year now (besides a bug fix now and then). A pity, as it could have so much potential in this category of Mac software.