Panasonic BGH1 in mimoLive via Ethernet

Is it possible to use the Panasonic BGH1 box camera with PoE+ directly into mimoLive via Ethernet?
It would be nice since it would be usable with one ethernet cable.
For now the BGH1 doesn’t support NDI but does support RTSP & RTP.

Is there anybody who knows if this camera works with mimoLive? Is it supported?

Hi @RicoRoyal It’s interesting, that the Panasonic website doesn’t list RTSP/RTP as output format.

If it does output via RTSP/RTP, mimoLive can fetch the stream.

Due to latency of RTSP however, I think it will be best to connect the camera through SDI.

Thank you Oliver, it might be that RTSP support will be added in coming firmware updates. In a Panasonic livestream of late october the topic of NDI and RTSP is being discussed (around 1 hour and 1 minute:)
I’m not yet familiar with RTSP but are very familiar with NDI. NDI has low latency. Can I make the assumption that RTSP has a higher latency than NDI?

If the choice is between NDI and RTSP, I would definitely go for NDI.