Pan & Zoom

This request is for Peter Baumgartner & Team.

First I would just like to say how much we enjoy fotomagico, your team has designed a pro-product which is both functional and very easy to use and we absolutely love it!
I have a new feature idea…
We design 300+ slide shows every year for clients and each one contains 200-800 photos, all of which use the exact same zoom/pan geometry, (a very subtle "in/out"rudiment paradiddle L-R-L-L-R-L-R-R ) After importing the photos we are faced with the mundane task of programming the zoom and pan geometry for each individual frame…not difficult, but very time consuming.

It would be very helpful if there were a way to either ‘save’ this geometry in a Pan & Zoom preset bank, or create my own custom pan & zoom templates, both of which could be easily applied to any new slideshow.
My idea for this would be a button labeled “custom presets” (beside the blank slide, add title, pan & zoom buttons), The user would simply click it and a preset drop down menu would appear saying “choose custom template”
Once you have chosen the desired template, another drop down menu would appear giving the choice to:
Apply to entire slide show
Apply to selected slides.

I’m sure this feature would be very useful to all fotomagico users.